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Unfortunately despite all our best efforts, sometimes our competition horses find themselves in need of some down time. Be it recovering from a colic surgery, to many months rehabbing from soft tissue injuries, we understand how difficult these situations can be when the future athletic performance of the horse is at stake. While many farms are able to care for these patients at home, owners often elect to bring their rehabilitation patients to our farm for part or all of their recovery process.

At Manning Equine, we have dedicated and experienced veterinarians and staff to oversee the entire rehabilitation process. From monitoring incisions and daily bandage changes, to getting horses back into full athletic riding work, we tailor a plan to each horse’s specific needs. We offer stall rest, hand walking, rehabilitation round pens, and larger grass paddocks as each horse recovers.

The clinic has the feel of a regular working farm, but with multiple rehabilitation patients at the clinic at all times the horses seem more content to continue their stall rest when there are other horses undergoing the same rest periods. We often find our clients have difficulty keeping their rehab horses quiet at home when all the other horses get to go outside. With veterinarians present every day we focus on individualized plans and ensure our patients have the best care to optimize their chance for successful recovery.

The clinic also offers vibration plate therapy to aid in keeping muscle fitness and bone density without stressing the injured area. We frequently add cold laser to injury rehabilitation as well. Visit our sports medicine section to see what other proceedures we can offer these rehabs such as shock wave, spinal manipulation, ProStride, IRAP, and PRP.

We understand how important a comeback from an injury is to your equine partner and we have the knowledge and skills to provide the best chance for a successful recovery.