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Pre-Purchase Exams

the most important exam on your horse

At Manning Equine, we believe the pre-purchase exam may be the most important exam ever completed on your horse.

A thorough pre-purchase allows a buyer to make an informed decision when purchasing a horse. Whether you are buying a yearling with the intention of resale or an old campaigner to get you around the ring, knowing the complete but unique clinical picture and how to manage your new partner can make your time together that much more enjoyable.

A pre-purchase exam at Manning Equine is customized to the purchaser’s needs.

Our standard pre-purchase includes a complete physical exam, soundness exam, flexion tests and neurological assessment. Ancillary tests such as radiography, blood tests, drug screens and endoscopy are available as needed as well.

Examinations can be held in the comfort of the horse’s farm, or on site at our clinic.

We handle many out of the country requests and our clinic is equipped to supply exam findings and ancillary exam reports to the prospective purchasers and their veterinarians.

A full written report, a copy of the radiographs and a copy of any laboratory tests performed will be kept in the horse’s medical record, and available to the purchaser as needed.